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Around virtual dress-up dolls to find Stardoll freebies to the community by the user community itself and several stars of the real life turns out to be often not easy. The concept of browser games as a shopping simulation, the booming since 2004 increasing enthusiasm plays precisely with the fun of shopping in designer boutiques – and yet there are some ways to get online to tap Stardoll equipment.

Stardoll free stuff – keep track of blogs

Community members and fans of the stardoll hack on the Internet can be very resourceful at times when it comes to finding free accessories for their dolls. As a strong network in which each Userin and each user has a small platform for the presentation of the most beautiful clothes and utensils available, the location is very good information and, if necessary, some blogs have established that give additional information on free goodies. A pretty good list of many Stardoll pages can be found here.

Bags, dresses, earrings, lipstick – all this will be purchased with Stardollars, so you can get out of the doll the best. But the games are so often like in real life and you can just not always afford everything. In addition to over and over again each free things that can be found right at Stardoll, the aforementioned blogs have regular collections of Stardoll freebies that are available with some slight tricks.

How it works:

Usually you have to Simply click on a given link, and then enter a URL, a password or a web address, log in to Stardoll and the advertised Accessory appear in your own suite.

Online Stores for virtual dress-up dolls

Current Listings are, however, in the highest degree difficult, because the free clothes are so quickly from the network, as they appeared. The time limit can be here affect a few hours or days, or go to the end of the month. So if you want to tap a few utensils for Paper Doll, must stay informed.

Whether as a normal member with free account, or with a superstar “account, whether as MeDolls-owner or the tightening of stars like Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne, whether in Stardoll labels or virtual branches of Miss Sixty, or Dorée, the Super Doll browser game always offers new shopping experience for teens.

Radio Songs, Kik Messenger, IMühle, Sweet Xmas


The free kik for mac competes against WhatsApp. In the US, the two apps are market-determining. Kik has about 30 million users, WhatsApp those then some. But while WhatsApp has always struggled with technical pitfalls and privacy issues, kik sets on the earnings and compliance with the privacy of its users. To register, is not like the competitors entering a telephone number requirement, which is unnecessarily also passed on WhatsApp to the interlocutor.

Missed calls, missed text messages, battery status, messages in Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp-, Google Reader news shows the app by a flash of the LED hardware or by screen LED. Depending on the service you provide in the settings a color. However, before you purchase the Pro version, you should test with the Lite version if the hardware mode of your device may be causing problems. The LED screen works independent of hardware.

Radio Songs

When driving you concentrate on the road and not on the track played on the radio. Want to know who is from the song that prompted you to spontaneously humming along yet, helps further the app radio songs. Enter at a rest stop or at your destination, the date, time and the transmitter, already called the application you the title, including interpreters. The app supports over 60 German radio stations.


The something somewhat outdated mill game – after all, between the 12th and 18th century the most popular board game in Europe – experienced on iOS devices a remarkable renaissance. In the variant-poor compared to the chess game, the purely mathematical proceeds to make matters worse, always draw, compete iPhone or iPad against a human opponent or the game strong AI.

Moovel helps to find the optimal connection from A to B. The pilot project of Daimler AG has integrated its offer of public transport and of. Taxi services are also connected. Currently the app works in Stuttgart and Berlin. In the capital, even the vehicles available car2go are listed.

Photo Apps recorded in the app stores of Apple and Google an inflationary rise. That PowerCam one is not only many, but stands out from the crowd, not because of the filters and effects or the intuitive operation used: emphasize the panoramic picture function and Tilt-Shift, a function that plays with the depth and objects are in the focus moves. Tip: Try!

Protect iShredder Pro

The iPhone 4 is history, the iPhone 5 is on the shelf. Anyone choosing a new i-gadget will be selling old and if possible without private data. Resetting to factory condition is not sufficient for it, with the appropriate tools, data can bring it back to life. iShredder is the shredder which deletes the data reliably. How it works: About iTunes set to factory state restore, install iShredder, opt for a deletion method and press “Start. The app now overwrites all the free Flash memory with random characters.

Computer Security

The problem: vulnerabilities

The Internet Explorer keeps falling on numerous vulnerabilities that are resolved only in part by patches. Because Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser in addition, he is popular target in two respects.

So it would be a good idea in principle, this piece decommission safety-critical software. Nevertheless, it is not always recommended to remove Internet Explorer completely from the system, since it is needed for numerous actions, including See Windows help, run Windows Update, including Things.

A solution

This solution to the problem is very simple (which does not mean that I would even have guessed, Juergen P. Meier and Stefan Kanthak accomplices are important): Setting in Internet Explorer For Mac a proxy that does not exist, eg your own computer on which usually runs no proxy. Thus, all requests from the Internet Explorer land in Nirvana and it no longer works. To enable Windows Update, it is also necessary to define a list of goals for the not (!) The proxy that yes may not work in our case, should be used.

This Reg file automatically makes all the necessary settings in the Windows Registry. The file is commented so that you can understand the settings also. If you downloaded this file, you will be asked to double click on this file, if you want to add the information to the registry. Which should agree usefully, if you would like to have the settings take effect. :-)

Note: Please this

All who want to disconnect the global Internet Explorer for all normal users (non-administrator) to prevent accidentally malicious code is executed, which was downloaded from the network / Internet. Against the whole intent helps not because locally saved files will continue to appear and it may contain malicious code thus also comes to execution. This of course includes attachments from e-mails, where you as a user of this motif can exclude wantonness to open with Internet Explorer well. In addition, the administrator can globally define the security settings of Internet Explorer for all users of the system.

Want to Succeed in Social Media Marketing, Know your Audience

WhatsApp-Vs-Snapchat-Free-DownloadSocial Media Marketing is a broad term that made a lot of decisions. There are a large variety of media, some more than others mainstream. Choosing the right options for your business can be a careful balance, but if not checked or serious depth, time the announcement could spent all for nothing.

Facebook has long been considered the holy grail of social media marketing, but it has certainly gone a change in the burden of a few years. It started as a connection point for college students, Facebook is seeing a loss in the number, the. Younger demographics in Many attribute this to the mothers of the factthat users and grandmothers are now Forum social media, so that it could thatthey not as much fun, pictures of things well or not it could be carried out over the weekend to submit.

iStrategy Labs recently checked his Facebook platform social advertising and concluded that the social media site had lost three million users from 13 to 17 over a period of three years. The study therefore showed lost three million additional users in the age group 18 to 24 years. Gave a greater increase in use by older Americans the general membership expand Facebook to 23 percent increase in three years, but social media marketing for non-profit established within recent Facebook could not also be safe, never more.

Most of leaving Facebook, though, are quiet in some type of social media. There are new ways to use social media marketing to reach your target audience, but the sellers are forced to remain on guard to keep users interested and did create content users significant enough find to celebrate.

Reddit Snapchat are relatively new and social media sites and social media marketing are realizing just now how to participate in new ways of synthesis.


Reddit is a tight-knit group was determination to maintain its organic content. How a board of digital displays, Reddit users take content and respond to messages as they see fit. There are a variety of subreddits thathave a strong following and a deep commitment to the community. Social Media on Reddit marketingis difficult: because the user the highest respect to the normal communication. Reddit messages are highlighted on the basis of an electoral system, making it easy demoted for visitors to the virtual elimination if they are elected by the users receive Reddit.

For the media for social marketing, could not be more perfect demographics Reddit. Most users are women between 18 and 34 years old, college educated as lower middle income. This demographic has not seen great purchasing power in other social media. Since the visibility of a post depends on Reddit democratic electoral system is a high viral potential. Therefore, it offers the possibility of a marketing campaign in social media are delivered to a highly targeted audience through subreddits.

Reddit is hard to break, but it has. The key to social media marketing is the regular participation and surprising, informative content – but with great opportunities, your target audience, also very risk are deemed to outweigh the benefits.


At the risk of sounding cliché and eacute; Snapchat is where all the young kids hanging these days. The draw for the little ones? Snapchat Allows users to send pictures and messages can be seen automatically shortly after they cleared the deletion of the prying eyes of parents. Over 20 million snapshots are shared every day, and for young companies, smart smartphone users have begun to take note.

One of the first campaigns of Social Media Marketing published Snapchat be involved with a coupon. Customer werewolf, a picture of yourself enjoying a product to take and then send the image to the company by Snapchat. The client then sends a message back with a coupon, but it was a problem. Because Snapchat removing content once seen, the coupon could only be opened at the point of sale. The coupon was good for 10-90 percent discount, but customers werewolf not sure her “gift” real, until the purchase is, at what time.

It was a wonderful campaign divided by virus – and marked the beginning of the raid Snapchat for pc generation social media marketing.

As you can see, social media marketing is not only a Facebook show more. Reddit and Snapchat are new and worth discussion, but not to win so many sellers in social media platforms and have strong legs and hellip; Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, for example. Chapultepec thing to consider is your audience – then go where they are and start participating!

Instagram, Flickr, Photoshop: Preferred Photo apps for French

In its latest study on mobile internet in France, reveals Médiamétrie applications and sites photograph the most visited by French mobile users. Detailed review.

With the advent of smartphones, more and more French are discovering a passion for photography. This is the same functionality used by most phone holders last generation, according to a poll conducted by Ifop Surikate and published last July. Before browsing the web and reading emails! And this phenomenon is booming.

Between June 2012 and June 2013, the hearing sites and apps picture that grew the most in one year in French mobile users (+71%) compared to the other sub-categories studied by Médiamétrie. In all, 2.5 million owners of smartphones went on a website or used an application of photography in June 2013 This is more of a mobile user in ten (11.4% very précisémeent). Enthusiasm largely due to the arrival of Instagram (1.8 million visits in June).

Here are the top 5 sites and apps picture for sept 2014:

Instagram 1 (1.763 million visitors in June):

Halfway between the application of photo editing and social networking, this application was first launched in 2010 on iPhone. Android users had to wait until April 2012 to enjoy it. The app allows you to apply different filters to your pictures taken via your phone. You can then share with your friends. Bought by Facebook for more than a billion euros, Instagram is now integrated with the world’s largest social network game.

Download Instagram on Google Play here .

Flickr (195,000 visitors in June):

This is definitely the site for sharing photos largest in the world. If, as with Instagram, you can show your best work to your friends Flickr also owes its success to professional photographers who use it as a showcase. Flickr also serves as a storage service line for this type of file with a TB of memory (1,000 GB) available to all.

Download Flickr on Android here .

ImageShak (136,000 visitors in June):

ImageShack is one of the most trusted hosting images. Interesting alternative to Flickr, as it offers the option of a paid subscription service. On Android, two applications are available: ImageShackDroid and Skypath to synchronize photos from your mobile device with those of your online account. The most intuitive and ergonomic program, from our point of view, Skypath.

Skypath download on Android here .

4. Photoshop (64,000 unique visitors in June):

No need to present photo editing solution the most complete. On Android, there is a free version of the software . It is less comprehensive than the original, but you can already do a lot of things (cut, rotate, add some effects, …). However, it requires an SD card. There is also the Google Play further, Photoshop Touch, either release for smartphones here or here for tablets .


5 PhotoBox (58,000 unique visitors in June):

PhotoBox is a site offering you the opportunity to take (physically) your photos online. You can upload any image and print it on a T-shirt, add a photo album that will be subsequently sent, etc. The goal: to create original objects that look like you. If an iPhone app is no Android version is currently available.

For aficionados of the photo that want more, we also selected a series of programs that may be of interest:

  • Paper Camera : To add very cartoon / drawing pencil effects to your photos
  • Pixlr-o-matic : for those who want even more effects to apply to photos
  • Chaturbate Hack : Take sexy pics and send them to friends
  • Fotodanz : to easily create animated gif images from your photos
  • TouchRetouch : a photo editing application bluffing that allows you to remove any piece of scenery in one of your photos: annoying trash, electric pole, bystanders, etc.
  • Vignette : a very good photo editing app with a multitude of options
  • Otaku Camera : to turn your photos into real mangas
  • There also Snapseed , an Instagram competitor bought by Google


Real-Racing2There was just one year, the racing game Real Racing 3 was emerging smartphone and tablet. To celebrate as it should first anniversary, Electronic Arts, which develops the application offers free car exception. This is the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 1972 To unlock this model, simply enter the code BIRTHDAY in the menu of the game. Note the offer is valid until March 6.

In addition, Real Racing 3 had the right to update. This brings a lot of novelties including the ability to further customize his car with vinyls, rims, and new paintings. The famous British brand Aston Martin is also emerging with three vehicles (DB9, Vanquish and V12 Vantage S). Another new Photo mode, which can capture a particular moment in the race and share.

Finally, the iPhone game cheats for Real Racing 3 version becomes compatible with iOS handles 7.

Real Racing 3 is available on iPhone / iPad and Android devices .

FaceTime iOS 6 update to iOS 7 mandatory

topic_facetime_iosApple has confirmed that the transition to iOS 7 was mandatory for owners of iOS 6 devices wishing to continue to use FaceTime. If the device is not updated, then it will be unable to receive or make calls with the software. What was hitherto that an unconfirmed report of Apple phone support was tonight into a official note on the Apple support site.

Apple says that the judgment of the service, April 16, is due to a bug under an expired certificate. One proposed solution: update the mobile operating system. If the devices iOS 6.1.6 are not affected by this bug (those under iOS 7.0.4 either), it will be impossible to escape since iOS 6.1.6 iOS 7 is no longer available for download for devices Recent capable of running the latest version of the operating system.
That will not come without a serious dilemma for all those who are adamant to remain under iOS 6, even if their iPhone or iPad are capable of running iOS 7. On Mac, the same problem struck FaceTime for OS X 10.6. It was settled by means of a software update can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Apple says that computers running OS X 10.9.2, and Lion Mountain Lion (with the latest security updates installed) are not affected.

Pou Tips

Pou Cheats and Tips

adventure_pou_by_erin9-d5tn1vuPou - virtual Tamagotchi, alien pet and pest is one of the top games for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. Cheats and tips. Pou can be annoying. Big time! As soon as one thinks, the little stinker would be satisfied, he bleats already back around. Hunger, boredom … the little one goes to the chains. This is exactly why Pou is one of our favorite games. Apple and Android users too, because Pou is one of the most popular games of the year. We asked you to cheats, games tips and tricks, the best submissions will be published now.

1 Jochen wrote us the tip that a certain number of purified heap brings an extra. That works for us. 50 was the number.

2 Gino has apparently very doll in love with the little stinker and therefore knows the game really well. Here are his tips:

The Power Meter holds the longest. So time can with his protege have a lot of fun without having to put him to bed again.

The mini-games Pou sounds and Sad Tap bring the most coins and experience points.

Sushi rolls are probably the favorite food of the little ones. At least then keeps the hunger bar by long. He likes it just healthy. In general, he would like to be fed varied. So do not ever feed them the same things.

Jannik means to know a real cheat. With us, however did not work. Try it yourself times of: Level 60 is, if one Pou seven consecutive times caressing, then give him five Colas and 39 Pou Popper.

The little annoying you for iPhone and iPad from the App Store 0,89 € on your iDevices, Android Phones Google Play the nuisance is free.

Download xbox live code generator

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