FaceTime iOS 6 update to iOS 7 mandatory

topic_facetime_iosApple has confirmed that the transition to iOS 7 was mandatory for owners of iOS 6 devices wishing to continue to use FaceTime. If the device is not updated, then it will be unable to receive or make calls with the software. What was hitherto that an unconfirmed report of Apple phone support was tonight into a official note on the Apple support site.

Apple says that the judgment of the service, April 16, is due to a bug under an expired certificate. One proposed solution: update the mobile operating system. If the devices iOS 6.1.6 are not affected by this bug (those under iOS 7.0.4 either), it will be impossible to escape since iOS 6.1.6 iOS 7 is no longer available for download for devices Recent capable of running the latest version of the operating system.
That will not come without a serious dilemma for all those who are adamant to remain under iOS 6, even if their iPhone or iPad are capable of running iOS 7. On Mac, the same problem struck FaceTime for OS X 10.6. It was settled by means of a software update can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Apple says that computers running OS X 10.9.2, and Lion Mountain Lion (with the latest security updates installed) are not affected.

Pou Tips

Pou Cheats and Tips

adventure_pou_by_erin9-d5tn1vuPou - virtual Tamagotchi, alien pet and pest is one of the top games for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. Cheats and tips. Pou can be annoying. Big time! As soon as one thinks, the little stinker would be satisfied, he bleats already back around. Hunger, boredom … the little one goes to the chains. This is exactly why Pou is one of our favorite games. Apple and Android users too, because Pou is one of the most popular games of the year. We asked you to cheats, games tips and tricks, the best submissions will be published now.

1 Jochen wrote us the tip that a certain number of purified heap brings an extra. That works for us. 50 was the number.

2 Gino has apparently very doll in love with the little stinker and therefore knows the game really well. Here are his tips:

The Power Meter holds the longest. So time can with his protege have a lot of fun without having to put him to bed again.

The mini-games Pou sounds and Sad Tap bring the most coins and experience points.

Sushi rolls are probably the favorite food of the little ones. At least then keeps the hunger bar by long. He likes it just healthy. In general, he would like to be fed varied. So do not ever feed them the same things.

Jannik means to know a real cheat. With us, however did not work. Try it yourself times of: Level 60 is, if one Pou seven consecutive times caressing, then give him five Colas and 39 Pou Popper.

The little annoying you for iPhone and iPad from the App Store 0,89 € on your iDevices, Android Phones Google Play the nuisance is free.

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